NLA Official Concludes the African Lottery Association Regional Forum, Held in Bamako, the Republic of Mali

Monrovia, November 28, 2013: The Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia National Lotteries Corporation, Mr. Martin S. Kollie concluded a three-day session at the second sitting of the African Lottery Association Regional Forum, held in Bamako, Mali from the 21st – 23rdNovember 2013: As the future of the National Lotteries gets brighten.

The meeting which brought together key Stakeholders and Executives from Morocco, Ivory Coast, Mali, Liberia, Senegal, Togo among others of the African Lottery; sought to address issues of concerned within the African Lottery Industry and also to prepare for the 2014 African Lottery Association Meeting, scheduled to be held in Dakar, Senegal.

According to press release of the National Lotteries, the intend of theCEO’s visit to Mali was to form part of the preparation for the upcoming African Lottery Association (ALA) Summit, scheduled for March 2014, in Dakar, Senegal and to hold discussions with one of the most reputable Horse Racing Betting Authorities of Europe, the PariMutuelUrbian of France.

After every two years, officials of the African Lottery Association (ALA) converge to discuss critical issues of the industry and to draw up the calendar of event for the next Executive sitting of the Association, as a matter of core and custom.

The participation of the Government of Liberia, through the Liberia National Lotteries Corporation has been recorded as the first time in the history of the African Lottery Association (ALA) since it was founded in 1981 and a sign of positive reform step of Liberia’s Lottery Industry.

According to the Lotteries Boss, Mr. Martin Kollie, Liberia was the only English speaking country that attended the ALA’s Executive Meeting, which gave the country much attention and opportunities to interact with other advanced Lottery companies, including the PariMutuelUrbain (PMU) of France, a company that is popular for its Horse Racing Gaming activities inEurope and Africa’s #1 Lottery Industry, LoterieNationale of Morocco, as a means of helping in improving the Liberia’s Lottery sector.

The Chief Executive Officer, further disclosed thatPariMutuelUrbian (PMU) will host the African Lottery Award, next year April, in Paris, France where Liberia will be highly represented.

He said discussions were held and agreed upon that all African Lottery Leaders will form part of the occasion, for which a winner from that program will be offered the African Lottery Award

Mr. Kollie also indicated that sideline discussions were held with the General Directors of LoterieNationale de Cote d’Ivoire, Mr. FofanaIssiaka, LoterieNationale of Morocco, Mr. Mohamed Samba Kane and also the Malian first female Finance Minister, Ministre de I’Economie et des Finances, Madam BouareFilySissoko; in order to form a bilateral partnership, as a means of knowledge sharing, capacity building, a joint-cooperation of responsible gaming and preventing frauds and also providing security on internet gaming.

In conclusion, Mr. Kollie said that his vision for the National Lotteries is for the government to be in full controlled of the gaming activities in Liberia.

He said in other for the sole-purpose of the National Lotteries to be fulfilled, it has to be in charge of all gaming activities, as a means of contributing towards the country’s developmental reforms and processes, as well as fulfilling her social corporate responsibilities within the disabled community.

The CEO has also renewed calls for the government to take complete control of the gaming activities in Liberia and called on the Ministry of Justice and the Law Reform Commission to help revamp and structure the National Lotteries Law, so as to help supplement government’s effort.

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