DCEO Operation


Deputy Executive Director: Administration

Madam Agnes M. Effiong, Deputy Executive Director for Operation


Assist the CEO/Executive Officer, plan, manage, and direct the activities of the various departments.

Deputy Executive Director for Operation’s profile

For the past Twenty-nine (29) years, Madam Agnes M. Effiong has had the opportunities to have worked with numerous institutions, while serving in several capacities.

During those years, she acquired great worth of experiences as a teacher, social worker, researcher and a disabled activist.

Working as a disabled activist, she developed special skills in Trauma Healing and Psychological counseling, conflict resolution; project proposal writing, project analysis and evaluation, as well as reporting skills were all acquired during her Twenty-nine (29) years of experience.

As part of her professional capacity building process, she has had the opportunities of attending several national and international conferences, seminars and workshops.

These experiences helped to broaden her knowledge and gave her a frame of understanding the social-economics problems faced by many least developed countries, including Liberia.

Madam Effiong had served as an administrator for numerous institutions, prior to her current position as Deputy Executive Director for Operation. Those positions served include: Deputy Managing Director for Administration, Liberia National Lottery (2006 -2012), Executive Director, Association of Disabled Women in Liberia (1996– Present), Volunteer Social Workers, Liberia National Red Cross (1990-1995).

Madam Agnes M. Effiong has a Degree major in Sociology and minor in Public Administration (Cum Laude) Lincoln College of Professional Studies and other national, as well as international advanced Diplomas and Certificates.

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