M & E

M & E

Division of Monitoring & Evaluation:

Mr. Calvin W. Campbell is currently the Director proper for the M & E  (Monitoring & Evaluation) Division of the National Lottery Authority of Liberia.

He is ably assisted by Mr. Peter Jallah as Supervisor for  the section. The department has couple of result orientated resourceful staff that has brought result to the entity in bringing an end to illegal gaming in Liberia.


The monitors or Evaluators of the Liberia National Lottery Authority of Liberia, supervise, inspect and regulate the activities of all lotto game operators in the Republic of Liberia.

In addition, the office is empowered to effectively lead and coordinate all M&E related activities at the NLA and in order to successfully do so, the M&E Officers are equipped in order to effectively communicate NLA purpose and demonstrate quality of commitment and integrity that serves as an example to others.


  • Ensure that a through monitoring and Evaluations of all work places is carried out periodically to ascertain that guidelines are fully complied with
  • Ensure violators are brought to book or exposed
  • Ensure that any circumstances, conditions, or practices in workplaces are not illegal
  • Report to Management regularly or daily on the findings on the field
  • Ensure god/quality public image of the Liberia National Lotteries is assured
  • Investigate practices of violations at the workplace and report findings
  • Lead the successful roll out and implementation of all design monitoring and evaluation (DME) related initiatives
  • To provide guidelines and standards for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all project interventions and ensure compliance with relevant norms and policies.
  • Lead monitoring efforts at in the project to ensure full compliance with LNLC Policies. and M&E related activities are successfully implemented and that relevant achievement is documented and submitted to the CEO for future decisions;
  • Develop and promote the implementation and use of quality program monitoring framework (tools and processes) and reporting, formats and proposal review systems for LNLC projects and programs.

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