Public Affairs


Division of Public Affairs & Communications:

Head, to be announced very soon. yet, the entity outsource some of its  communication components in getting the public aware of major happenings.


The Communications and Public Affairs Division of the  National Lottery Authority has a full mandate to supervise and promote relations between the National Lottery Authority and the public, as it relates to Lotteries activities. The Division engages the public on the activities of the National Lottery Authority and provides clarity on issues of concern and interest to the public.



  • Prepare Press Statements, Release, Public Service Announcements Etc.
  • With the approval of the Executive Officer answer all Press Inquiries
  • Design a Website for the entity
  • Draft Press Release and Produce Comments for Radio and Television and Newspaper
  • Network with journalist and invite them to attend corporations events
  • Provides public information services on behalf of the Liberia National Lotteries Corporation;
  • Provides effective responses to inquiries for public information materials;
  • Crafts innovative and creative solutions to sensitive or strategic public communications issues;
  • Advocates and promotes the LNLC mandate, mission and purpose;
  • Crafts press releases to notify local and regional news outlets of key events;
  • Develops statements and talking points for Corporation staff when they engage with the press;
  • Maintains and achieve all communication files, publications and picture
  • Maintains proper documentation of media related information and forum discussions.
  • Creates and promotes awareness to media that will position the LNLC strategically to mainstream national development issues.
  • Coordinates and manages all publication activities, including content management, norms for publishing designs, liaison with printers and suppliers to oversee production.

       Corporate Communications Officer

  • Develop Communications Policy for the Division
  • Advise Senior Management on Media Relations Issues
  • Provide Crisis Communications Management Plan
  • Provide expert opinions on situation analysis
  • Promote the LNLC activities and agendas through the implementation of a comprehensive PR guideline, which includes: Media Relations, Marketing, Public Affairs, Government Relations, Community Relations, Social Media Relations, Advertising, Design Services and Internal Communications.



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