Controlling Illegal Lottery Activities


Controlling Illegal Lottery Activities in Liberia:

This structure proposes a new and comprehensive framework for the regulation and controlling of illegal Lottery activities in Liberia. This measure provides a unified legal basis, as well as streamlined and more effective administrative procedures.

Whereas, in keeping with Section (1) (2) and (3) of the Responsible Gaming Principle and Framework of the World Lottery Association, and looking at the corrosive impact it has our society; the LNLC has instituted a scheme that will safeguard the following:


  1. Fairness in the conduct of gambling;
  2. The protection of vulnerable persons, including children, from risks to their well-being arising from gambling;
  3. The avoidance of circumstances where gambling could, inadvertently or otherwise facilitate or enable criminal and illegal activities;
  4. And also the protection of consumers’ choice in the area of any game of chance.


In furtherance, the Management of the Liberia National Lotteries Corporation do hereby established the “Lottery Hotlines,” as a means of rapidly and speedily responding to any illegal lottery practice with the Republic of Liberia.

However, the public is hereby asked to report illegal corner, streets, communities, towns, villages and cities gambling to the following numbers for instant reply.

Hotline Numbers:

(+231) 886556390

(+231) 777961285

(+231) 886935899

(+231) 886361071

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