Issuance of Permit

Issuance of Permit

Issuance of License/Permit to Operate any Game of Chance within the Republic of Liberia:



 This regulation shall be cited as Gaming Regulation 001 and shall become effective on the date of publication into the National Gazette.


 The National Lottery Authority was established by an Act of the Legislature on March 6, 2015 with the authority to regulate all games of chance within the Republic of Liberia. This regulation is promulgated pursuant to the National Lottery Authority Act and includes the legal requirements and operating procedures governing specific games of chance in Liberia, including raffle draw, casino, slot machine, sports betting, scheme, arrangement, system, plan, promotional games, game of chance device, gaming machine and means for the distribution of prizes. This regulation is applicable to all entities and persons seeking to be engaged or engaged in the games of chance in the Republic of Liberia regulated herein. This regulation is not applicable to the National Lottery, which is to be operated solely by the NLA.


 In these regulations, unless the context otherwise provides, the following terms shall have the meaning attached –

 “Act” means the National Lottery Authority Act of 2014.

 “Authority” or “NLA” means the National Lottery Authority.

 “Board” means the governing body of the Authority established under sub-section 15.1 of the Act.

 “Casino” means any premises, or part of premises, within a designated site used for entertainment and gambling where persons may participate in one or more games, as approved by the Authority.

 “Charitable Gaming” means games of chance conducted by non-profit organizations for the purpose of raising funds where all net Proceeds 7

 are contributed to bonafide charitable causes.

 “Director-General” means the Director-General of the Authority appointed under subsection 8.1 of the Act.

 “Disqualified Person” means persons/players prohibited by statute, regulation, or contract with the Authority from playing any game of chance regulated by the Authority, and includes: (1) persons under the age of 18 years; (2) employees of the Authority; (3) any officer or employee of a licensee having access to confidential gaming information, programs, or systems; (4) any contractor or subcontractor prohibited by the terms of a contract with the Authority or a licensee from playing regulated games; and (5) any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent who resides in the same household as any person described in numbers (2), (3), and (4) herein. Further, prize claims resulting from winning wagers, lottery tickets or registered plays purchased by Disqualified Persons are invalid, regardless of the identity of the Claimant.

 “Fee Schedule” means the schedule of fees attached as Exhibit I to these regulations.

 “Fund” means the account established and maintained by the Authority to which shall be paid and credited annual budgetary allocations from the Government; gifts, loans, grants-in-aid from national, bilateral and multi-lateral organizations and agencies; charges, fees and other internally generated revenues.

 “Game of Chance” means a game whose outcome is influenced by some randomizing device and/or in which the outcome is determined by chance rather than by the skill of its players, and upon which contestants may choose to wager money or anything of monetary value.

 “Gambling Device” means an instrumentality, contrivance, or apparatus reasonably designed and intended for the playing of a game for a reward of money or something of value for the player in which chance is a substantial factor.

 “Gaming Machine” means a machine that is designed or adapted for use by individuals to gamble, and includes reel-based type, also known as fruit, slot, or jackpot machines.

 “Investment Portfolio” means all assets, including tangible goods and financial assets, utilized by or on behalf of a gaming entity in its business and for the purpose of increasing profits in the gaming entity’s business. 8

 “License” means a formal permission granted to an institution to operate a national lottery or any other game of chance pursuant to Section 25 of the NLA Act.

 “Licensee” means a person or body corporate to whom a license is granted to carry on the business of lottery or any other game of chance pursuant to the Act and these regulations.

 “Minister” means the Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

 “Minimum Bankroll Requirement” means twenty-five percent (25%) of the Licensee’s investment portfolio required to be maintained in a Licensee’s bank account to protect the patrons of the licensee against defaults in the payment of gaming debts owed by that licensee.

 “Patron” means a person who buys goods or uses services offered by a gaming establishment.

 “Play Station” means a video game consol developed designed for playing various types of electronic games developed for entertainment purposes only. Play Station game is not a game of chance.

 “Promotion” means an added-value offer to Patrons or customers or an introductory offer to the public through a marketing campaign.

 “Promotional Award” means the award provided for a valid winning promotional ticket or entry.

 Operations” means —

 a. the conduct of gaming;

 b. the management and supervision of the conduct of gaming;

c. money counting in, and in relation to gaming;

d. accounting procedures in, and in relation to gaming;

e. other matters affecting or arising out of activities related to gaming;

“Operator” means a licensee or any other person or body corporate engaged by the licensee to operate a game of chance.

“Provisional License” means a temporary license issued by the Authority 9

pending determination on a timely submitted application.

“Prize” means money or other thing of value due to a participant who has placed a winning wager, holds a winning ticket in a lottery or other game of chance conducted by the Licensee.

“Proceeds” mean the gross monetary amount received from participants on wagers or the purchase of tickets in a game of chance.

“Record” includes any book, account, document, paper or other source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form, or by electronic process, or in any other matter or by any other means.

“Promotional Competition” means a competition, game, scheme, arrangement, or game of chance conducted in the ordinary course of business for the purpose of promoting a producer, distributor, supplier or association of any such persons, or the sale of goods or services where the winner is determined by lot, drawing or chance.

“Raffle Draw” means a gaming competition in which players obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. At a set time, the winners are drawn from a container holding a copy of every number.

“Scratch and Win” means an instant winner gaming ticket or Promotional game that is played by removing the covering from a ticket to reveal ticket symbols. Scratch off may also be referred to as “instant games” or “instant tickets”.

“Sports Betting” means a game of chance in which a player attempts to predict results in a sporting event and places a wager on the outcome.

“Winner” is a player in a game of chance (who is not a Disqualified Person) who legally acquires a winning ticket or purchases a registered play and owns it at the time it is determined to be a winner either by a Draw or by scratching the play area. Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, the Winner need not have purchased the ticket; however, the Winner must claim the Prize.

Price Structure  / Fee Schedule as it is found in Appendix 1 of Regulation 001.

National Lottery Authority




Application Fee for License (nonrefundable)

$300.00 USD

Application Fee for a Permit (nonrefundable)

$150.00 USD

Application fee for Charitable Gaming (nonrefundable)

$150.00 USD

Late Fee (License Renewal)

$250.00 USD

Gaming License (Casino – up to twenty (20) Gaming Devices)

$60,000.00 USD

Gaming License (Sports Betting)

$40,000.00 USD

Gaming License (Scratch and Win)

$40,000.00 USD

Gaming Machine License (1-20 Gaming Machine)

$20,000.00 USD

Operating Fee per additional county (Sports Betting)

6.25% of the License Fee

Operating Fee per additional county (Scratch and Win)

6.25% of the License Fee

Operating Fee per additional county (Gaming Machine)

$700.00 USD

Gaming Permit (Raffle)

15% of the value of the Prize(s)

Registration of additional Gaming Machine

$500.00 USD each

Registration Of additional Table Game

$500.00 USD each

Permit Fee for Promotional Game

15% of total prize of the promotion

Penalty for Violation of Regulation 001

Not Less than $2,500.00 USD



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