Benefit of Lottery

Benefit of Lottery

Economic and Social Benefits of Lottery:

Lottery, like in many countries around the world, plays an important role within the Economy and its significance has proving to be conspicuous towards every nation development. Lottery also represents a vital source of government revenues in many countries and provide jobs opportunity; something that stimulates the Economy and improves lives.

Liberia National Lotteries Corporation was purposely established to help generate revenues for the Government of Liberia, and to apply portion of the funds in supporting charitable services and activities; a dedicated mandate of the LNLC.

As a means of supplementing Government’s effort towards the uplifting of Liberians, the Liberia National Lotteries is helping in the process of national development and transformation of the country, through its Social Corporate Responsibility Initiative (SCRI).

This initiative is been run by the Welfare Division of the Liberia National Lotteries; with a mandate of providing assistance to charitable institutions, educational foundation and scientific organizations.

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