Liberian Lottery History

Liberian Lottery History

Liberian Lottery History:

The Liberia National Lotteries Corporation started in the year 1982, through a Lebanese Merchant, Mr. Abbus Fawaz, president of the World Lebanese Cultural Union of Liberia, so as to generate funds for the support of the Disabled Community, Scientific Organization, Educational, Cultural and other Welfare institutions within the Republic of Liberia.

However, the Liberia National Lotteries was then been managed by Mr. Fawaz, until the Liberian Civil Crisis in 1990, at which time the Lotteries was closed down; like other institutions that were affected by the civil crisis.

After the Civil Crisis, the Liberia National Lotteries was re-instituted by the Interim-Government of the National Unity (IGNU) headed by Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, former Interim-President, Republic of Liberia.

It was then in the year 1993, the 1st of November when the “ACT” of Legislation was passed, creating the Liberia National Lotteries Corporation, in order to structure and regulate all games of chance that includes: slot machines, lotto, scratch and win, computer games, online and paper lotto, sports betting, raffle draw etc., so as to supplement Government’s effort towards charity and the development of Liberia.

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