The Director General

Hon. Reginald A. Nagbe

The Director-General shall plan, manage and supervise all Departments’ activities of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) on a daily basis.

The Director-General shall:

. Be appointed by the President of Liberia with the consent of the Senate
. Be the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Spokesman of the Authority at all times
. Be responsible for the execution of the policies and day-to-day administration of the Authority
. Hold office for an initial term of four (4) years but may be reappointed for another term of four years and no more.
. Be answerable to the Board of Directors at all times on all aspects of the Authority.


. Supervise, monitor and evaluate all departments and its heads
. Recommend the appointment of managers of all Departments to the Board of Directors for effective and efficient operations at the Authority.
. Create divisions and establish County and District Offices within the Republic of Liberia when the need arises.
. Ensure annual budgetary allocations from the Government of Liberia
. Ensure the establishment and maintenance of fund to which shall be paid and credited.
. Submit to the President for Legislative consideration, an estimate of its expenditure and income to for the succeeding year.
. Ensure the maintenance and proper updated accounts and records of the Authority